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Las Fiestas Patrias de Tototlan
El Señor de la Salud
The annual fiesta itself is called “Las Fiestas Patrias de Tototlan”. Being 98.09% Catholic, Tototlan belongs to the parochial diocese of el “Señor de la Salud” (the Lord of Health). The fiesta of El Señor de la Salud is held 9 days following the end of the 40 days after the resurrection of Jesus. The main days are Thursday, the day of the ascension of Jesus and Friday, when the altar of the blessed image of El Señor de la Salud (located in the main church) is taken down and is carried in a parade through the streets of Tototlan as the townspeople walk with the altar in celebration and honoring the resurrection. The entire town participates as well as people who travel from all over the world to attend this fiesta. It is estimated that over 10,000 participate in the parade.